Meet Bob Cooney

Location-Based Entertainment & Amusement Thought Leader, Speaker, Writer, Mentor

Virtual Reality is going to impact everything. It’s already changing the way people learn, how the wounded heal from trauma, and how workers learn dangerous jobs. It’s going to disrupt entire markets: education, entertainment, travel, real estate to name a few.


The Virtual Reality market is complex, with new innovations emerging daily, companies appearing and disappearing monthly, and consumer perspectives shifting constantly. If you’re not keeping up with these trends, statistics, products and technologies that will absolutely impact your business, you’re playing with fire.

Bob helps organizations navigate this complex market. He helps companies launch emerging technology products into complex markets, so they get more leads, close more sales, and develop the ideal distribution strategy.

Products become successful when companies communicate how the product solves a problem in a way that resonates with their target customer. Startups need to get that message out in a cost-effective, consistent manner. The message needs to be woven through branding, advertising, marketing, distribution, and sales, in a way that’s is consistent.


Bob works with senior executives, marketing, and product teams. The author of the book Real Money from Virtual Reality, Bob is the leading expert on the business of virtual reality. He’s not a technology fanboy, but a grizzled veteran of building businesses based upon emerging technology in complex markets for more than 30-years.

Bob has launched seven successful startups. One had a successful NASDAQ IPO and was ranked #251 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in America before he was 35. Two of his other startups were acquired, and all but the first are still operating today.

“My passion is helping entrepreneurs succeed in every aspect of their lives. I love seeing their visions turn into profitable business so they can live the lives they’ve dreamed of.”

Bob is an accomplished global keynote speaker. He’s been inspiring, educating, and entertaining jam-packed rooms for more than 25-years. He is also an expert moderator, driving enthralling, controversial and informational conversations among experts on panels in almost any subject.


If you're involved in the business of virtual reality at this early stage, it's likely because you're passionate about technology and experiences. For VR to take off, it's critical that consumers have an amazing first experience. With so much bad VR out there, you have the responsibility to curate those experiences to guarantee your customers have a wonderful time. If you do, they will want to experience more VR with their friends in the future. I want to help ensure you provide your guests with the best technology and the most memorable experiences.

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