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Bob Cooney Closeup on Stage at VRDays
Tim Rittman

"I would absolutely recommend Bob to every conference"

"He's talking about VR of course, but I think he can also talk about horse breeding and everybody would  sit on the edge of their seats."

- Tim Rittman, Head of Programs, Boosterspace Berlin

Help your audience prepare for the future. Virtual reality is the most exciting new technology since the mobile phone. It's going to impact every single industry, nearly every job, and most of the world.  Bob Cooney is widely considered the world's foremost expert on how VR will impact businesses from entertainment to collaboration, to how we show up in the world. If you want a dynamic speaker, who will keep your audience engaged, entertained, and inspired to take action, reach out to Bob today. Bob has 35-years of experience, having spoken live on 4 continents, moderated panels both live and virtually, and produces some of the best online content you'll ever see in a keynote.

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