The VR Bobble Awards

Bob Cooney with VR Bobble Award
Chris Brady receiving VR Bobble Award for LAI

You can't apply. There's no judging committee. Just do great work for the LBVR market.

Chris Brady - SVP of LAI Games, over the moon with his new VR Bobble Award for Virtual Rabbids - The Big Ride

Bob has won plenty of awards. Some of the products even deserved it! Bob created the VR Bobble Award after 35-years of being mystified by the award selection process. Having travelled the world experiencing more virtual and augmented reality products than almost anyone, Bob has a unique perspective on what's possible. The VR Bobble celebrates innovation in the location-based VR space. No politics, no bullshit.

VR Bobble Award Winners


David Myers - HTC - MARCH 2022

For spending years talking to operators and manufacturers in Location-Based Entertainment, and turning those conversations into requirements that show up in products like the Vive Focus 3.  

Bob giving VR Bobble award to David Myers

Dave Myers receiving the VR Bobble Award for individual service to the Location-Based VR community.

Venues and Operators

Bob giving VR Bobble award to Jan (1)

The team at Area15 Las Vegas with their VR Bobble Award, from left to right: Dan Pelson, COO; Winston Fisher, Founder and CEO, Michael Benneville, Founder and CCO, and Jim Heilmann, General Manager.

Area 15 - Las Vegas - MARCH 2021

Area 15 changed the game for immersive entertainment venues. The Fisher Brothers stepped out of their commercial real estate comfort zone into the overcrowded Las Vegas entertainment market. Area 15, anchored by Meow Wolf, is an immersive mall, event center, and entertainment district. They're a big supporter of virtual reality, offering an exciting space for LBVR solution providers to show their best stuff.  

VR Manufacturers and Designers

Bob giving VR Bobble award to Jan from Virtuix

Bob and Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix, receiving the VR Bobble for the Omni Arena


The Omni Arena from Virtuix was the first product to consider the entire player journey.  They thoughtfully curated from the moment someone walks up to their arena, all the way through the post-game experience. Then they wrapped a competitive esports system with cash prizes around it. Omni Arena is smashing earnings records for 4-player VR attractions.




Zero Latency was the first company to develop and run a successful warehouse-scale virtual reality attraction. They invented their own tracking system for large spaces, and had to invent most of the technology that today's manufacturers take for granted. Zero Latency proved to the world that large-scale, free-roam experiences were possible, and that people would pay top dollar for them.



Tim Ruse from Zero Latency Receiving Bobble award

Bob Cooney and Zerol Latency co-founder and CEO Tim Ruse, with this VR Bobble at IAAPA Orlando

Bob Trying Out DiVR at IAAPA 2019

Bob Cooney testing the Ballast DiVR underwater VR experience.


Ballast's DIVR is the first underwater VR attraction, turning pools into interactive experiences. Any resort can turn an underutilized pool into a top-earning immersive experience. Whether people are exploring the great barrier reef or floating outside the International Space Station, DIVR introduced a whole new group of people and operators to the LBVR world.


VRsenal was the first company to solve the problems inherent with using consumer VR headsets in retail arcades. They created a fully armored solution and a unique retraction system capable of surviving the abuse that kids (and some adults) heap on arcade games. Then they paired that solution with Beat Saber, the best VR game in history.



VRsenal Team Receiving their VR Bobble Award

VR Arcade Game Beat Saber in the VRsenal unattended cabinet.

LAI Team Receiving their VR Bobble award

The team at LAI celebrating their VR Bobble at IAAPA Orlando


LAI showed the world it was possible for an LBVR product to be run without an attendant. To date Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride is the best selling VR arcade product. It's the one product that's a "no-brainer" VR entry point for amusement and arcade operators.

Read the LAI press release.





The very first VR Bobble went to Leif Peterson and his team at Hologate. They created the first location-based virtual reality attraction that hit the sweet spot for operators. It was compact, easy to operate with one employee, and looked great. Partnered with Creative Works for distribution, Hologate lit the fuse for the explosive growth of LBVR attractions.



Bob presenting Leif of Hologate VR Bobble award

Leif Petersen, Founder and CEO of Hologate, receiving the VR Bobble Award.