I specialize in working with early-stage companies, as well as large organizations launching new products.  If you are entering the location-based entertainment market, here are some ways we can work together:



Executive Mentoring Program: How to launch a product and dominate a market in location-based entertainment. Increase your sales and margins, stand out from the competition, create the ideal distribution strategy and create a killer marketing launch plan.  I guide you through it step by step all the way. Download brochure



The number one request I get. This hybrid online/live workshop program will show you how to do it. Culminates with a live pitch fest to the leading distributors.  Limited to only 6 companies this will sell out fast! Sign up now!



Ready to take your business and your entrepreneurship to the next level? Ask about my personal executive coaching program. We will work one-on-one to help you achieve your highest level of performance.  Extremely limited. 


One of the most frequent questions Bob gets from location operators is,
“What VR attraction should I buy?”
With so many worthy products in the market, making a decision can be overwhelming.

Who is it for?

  • Are you an early-stage company with a solution to sell into the location-based entertainment market?
  • Do you have an excellent product, but don’t know enough about the location-based entertainment market to confidently launch?
  • Do you need guidance on selling into the exploding market of family-entertainment centers, theme parks, arcades, bowling centers, trampoline parks and/or other location-based entertainment market segments?
  • Do you lack strong brand awareness, compelling positioning, and clear differentiation?
  • Do you need distribution, but are unsure who to use or trust?

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What They're Saying:


Bob Cooney was an early advisor once we determined that we would be entering into the space of family entertainment. With his nearly 30 years of predicting business and technology trends, evaluating product and market viability, and helping to introduce new experiences to the public, he would be an asset to any company looking for leg up on the competition.

Leif Petersen

Founder and CEO of Hologate

My experience with Bob has been he is always creative, thinks outside the box and is solution oriented. He expertise is in the areas of marketing, sales, business development, and whatever area his primary focus and responsibilities are he shares his experience with others freely in support of their success as well. He is a strategic long range thinker, but is action plan oriented.

Drew Pawlak

VP Latin America, GM of Mexico, American Gaming Systems


"An eye-opening experience"

Ever since our first contact with Bob, we've felt that unique chemistry that defines true professionalism. With true down-to-Earth and practical approach, Bob has been an invaluable help to our strategic development. Thanks to Bob's intimate knowledge of best practices in out-of-home entertainment market and track record-proven "do's and dont's" combined with crystal clear intensive study framework, our team was able to lay the foundation to what normally takes months to prepare. On behalf of all of Neurogaming team, I would like to thank Bob for his time and help!

Alex Morozov


I've worked with several consultants throughout Virtuix's history, but I can say that our workshop with Bob has been the most impressive and valuable consulting session I have ever experienced. Bob is a marketing genius. In just one day, we were able to cut through the noise, including our own nonsense, and distill a brilliant marketing message and positioning that set us up for success in this competitive industry. If you need help to navigate marketing and find your value proposition in the location-based entertainment space, Bob is the best guide around." 

Jan Goetgeluk

CEO, Founder, Virtuix

"provocative, engaging and informative…overwhelming two thumbs up!”

Pete Gustafson

Executive Vice President of the American Amusement Machine Association (AAMA).

"Working with Bob through his mentoring program was probably the best idea we ever had since we started the company. Bob is so cool, so smart - he played a key role in our business development for our immersive entertainment projects.

Emmanuel from Scale1


Bob has been instrumental in developing our go-to-market strategy. His understanding of the location-based entertainment market has informed our transition from a game studio to a solution provider that builds turnkey games for the LBE market.

Matt Schiel

Matt Schiel Design

"Bob is kind of the guru of Location-based VR"

Kevin Bachus

SVP Dave and Busters

Bobs creativity, big picture view, and extensive industry insight enable him to quickly position a product and formulate a go-to-market strategy. His charismatic leadership, relatability, and genuine enthusiasm enable him to facilitate this type of thinking during his workshop. Our team came away from the workshop educated on the industry and with a real sense of ownership in the positioning, brand identity, and market strategy developed over our 2 day session. We are charged up and excited to tackle the challenges still ahead. Bob's executive mentoring workshop is fantastic and I would highly recommend it to any company looking to enter the Location-Based Entertainment space.

Stephen Haynes


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Bring in the industry’s top expert to present or moderate a panel on location-based virtual reality.

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