Real Money from Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality was supposed to be the next big consumer technology, but one thing was missing: It didn’t actually solve a consumer problem. More than $10 billion invested in startups is at risk of evaporating. Companies are pivoting to location-based entertainment as a means to build awareness, revenue, and runway. Selling to entertainment operators requires a deep understanding of the market that most VR companies don’t possess. Bob Cooney crams his 30 years of entrepreneurial experience into a handy and thoroughly enjoyable guidebook to launching a VR product. A must read for anyone looking to enter this growing but increasingly crowded marketplace.


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“Bob Cooney knows more about location-based VR than anyone I know.” - Brent Bushnell, Founder of Two Bit Circus

“Bob is a marketing genius. In just one day, we were able to cut through the noise, including our own nonsense, and distill a brilliant marketing message and positioning that set us up for success in this competitive industry. If you need help to navigate marketing and find your value proposition in the location-based entertainment space, Bob is the best guide around." – Jan Goetgeluk – Founder and CEO of Virtuix

“With his nearly 30 years of predicting business and technology trends, evaluating product and market viability, and helping to introduce new experiences to the public, Bob would be an asset to any company looking for leg up on the competition.” - Leif Petersen, Founder and CEO of Hologate

Bob Cooney is an Inc. 500 CEO and visionary in the immersive entertainment industry. Considered the godfather of laser tag, he has also been a pioneer in virtual reality for more 25 years. He’s been a key contributor to some of the most successful location-based VR product launches in history, from Virtuality in 1992 to the VR Vortek in 2000 to Zero Latency and Hologate during this third wave of VR. Bob also chairs the location-based VR programs for the Amusement Expo and VR Days, two of the largest location-based VR conferences in North America and Europe. He is a globally recognized speaker and moderator, and in his spare time writes about VR for Replay Magazine and Blooloop.