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(Rated R for Language) James Jensen is the founder of JUMP, the new hyper-reality attraction where guests can strap on a wingsuit and do what few others have ever done…fly. James is applying his lessons as co-founder and CTO of The VOID to create what Bob Cooney believes will be the most successful and popular location-based VR attraction to date.

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Whether you’re an operator or a supplier, you’re leaving money on the table with your virtual reality and immersive entertainment products. Learn from the world’s leading expert on how to maximize your return on investment from VR.

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Bob Cooney crams his 30 years of entrepreneurial experience into a handy, and thoroughly enjoyable guidebook to launching a VR product. A must read for anyone looking to enter this growing but increasingly crowded marketplace.

“Amazing! A very straightforward, no BS look at what needs to be done to be successful when launching an LBE startup.” - Anne McKinnon – VR Voice

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Bob Cooney


An 8X entrepreneur with thirty-five years of experience launching emerging technology companies, Bob Cooney is widely referred to as the world’s foremost expert on location-based virtual reality.

An Inc. 500 CEO with a successful NASDAQ IPO, Bob is the go-to-market strategist behind many of the world’s most successful immersive entertainment products. Cooney mentors founders and executive teams of some of the top VR companies and helps operators choose the best VR products for their locations.

Nobody puts baby in a corner

What Do People Want? Social vs Shared Experiences.

June 30, 2020

When I spoke to Randy White this month, one of the areas we touched on was the need for more social experiences.  Why do people want to be entertained? Why do they go out to movies, or bowling, or restaurants? Randy’s research on this strongly suggests people want to socialize. “People want social experiences” has…

Complexity requires systems thinking and emergence

You Have to Change to Survive – Here’s How

June 22, 2020

On a call with a client last night with a location-based entertainment startup, I was continually asked for answers to questions. “If we do this, what will the result be?”  This line of thinking is based upon cause and effect. One thing happens, and it triggers a response. It’s pretty much how we are taught…

Randy White and Bob discuss Location-Based Entertainment post COVID19

Every Business Is A Startup Again

June 18, 2020

I interviewed Randy White from White Hutchinson a couple of weeks ago, in the midst of the first wave of the Coronavirus in America. I write “the first wave” because as of this date there is debate among experts about the inevitability of a second wave.  Two days ago Austin, Texas announced they have extended…

Resistance is Futile

May 3, 2020

Are you resisting the circumstances thrust upon us by the coronavirus pandemic? Are you struggling to accept the new reality of our situation? Have you thought about why? I realized this week I’ve been resistant to our situation. I feel like the freedom to choose my way of life was stripped away from me. As…

Movie Theater

Movie Theaters – Seeking Comfort in a Pandemic

April 29, 2020

Blooloop just published a new article I wrote about the possible extinction of the movie theater.  It’s worth a read if you love movies, are in the entertainment business, or are in any market that is being threatened by the coronavirus lockdown. The thought of the movie theater’s extinction fills me with sorrow.  We go…

Spaces VR Brad Herman

Location-based VR Company Spaces Pivots to Virtual Collaboration

April 27, 2020

Location-based virtual reality was the hottest segment of virtual reality up until the coronavirus pandemic. Companies from consumer games, military, and other tech segments all rushed into the location-based VR market so they could monetize their expertise in virtual reality while waiting for remote collaboration, virtual conferences, training and education, and consumer games to become…

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