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Virtual meetings, virtual conferences, virtual offices... the move to Being Virtual is happening and there’s no turning back. Every business in every industry is being impacted. Some will evolve and emerge as new leaders. Some will resist and disappear. Join Bob live every week to learn new ideas, perspectives and strategies to help you thrive in this new reality.

Streamed LIVE to Facebook, Periscope, Twitch and this website. Click the button for the live stream, replays, highlights and full interviews with the leaders in the virtual world.

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Bob Cooney is a seasoned professional keynote speaker, emcee and moderator, having engaged audiences across Europe, Australasia and the US.  He's also the creator and presenter in The Being Virtual Show which discusses how all aspects of life becoming virtual, and interviews the leading thinkers and creators in Virtual Technologies and Platforms.

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Bob Cooney crams his 30 years of entrepreneurial experience into a handy, and thoroughly enjoyable guidebook to launching a VR product. A must read for anyone looking to enter this growing but increasingly crowded marketplace.

“Amazing! A very straightforward, no BS look at what needs to be done to be successful when launching an LBE startup.” - Anne McKinnon – VR Voice

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Always staying on the bleeding edge of technology, and able to predict both tech and business trends, Bob Cooney is widely considered the world's foremost expert on location-based virtual reality. As the author of the book Real Money from Virtual Reality, he is the go-to-market strategist behind the launch of the world’s most successful location-based entertainment products. An Inc. 500 CEO, Cooney launched the world’s first successful laser tag company, exiting with an IPO in 1996. Cooney has mentored some of the top VR manufacturers and operators over the last 20 years including Global VR, Zero Latency, Hologate, and others.

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