Only the Road Knows

On to Canada and Hello New Friends!

Before I get to this episode, I want to thank all the new friends from around the world who have signed up on my blog.  This last week has been amazing, and I cant wait to share my story with you. Youve all inspired me to take on greater adventures in the future.  I cant…

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My Second Post at The Inertia

I received a lot of comments from my, many tied to the headline This Guy Turned 51, Quit His $250k Job, and Hit the Road in His 1977 VW Westfalia,  While the vast majority of people were inspired and encouraging, there were many comments along the lines of If I was rich I could quit…

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Stoked to Now Be Writing for The Inertia

I am super stoked to announce that I will be contributing to The Inertia website. The Inertia is the new voice of the ocean, mountain, and outdoors – featuring news, opinions, photography, videos and art from the community’s most talented individuals. Founded in 2010, The Inertia reaches 1.5 million+ readers monthly and aims to make sustainable impacts…

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Friday Harbor, Crabs and A Shrimp Days 26 and 27

Sunday started with breakfast burritos and plans to catch crab.  We plotted our trip on the map.  One of the cool things about the PNW, and the reason its a boating paradise despite the sketchy weather, is there are so many destinations.  So many islands, so little time. First I had to acquire a 1-day…

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The Thin Line Between Life and Death and Following Your Dreams

I just checked my Facebook page and they had one of those Memories listed with a photo of me and my friend Jason Dennis from 5 years ago.  I was attending a digital media conference in New York at the Javitz Center.  I don’t remember specifically why I was there, I might have been speaking,…

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The Old Photographer, Hot Springs, Toast and Jam, Day 24

Awoke to drizzle and fog after a restless night. Stiff. Old bones aren’t meant to sleep on the ground, even if the ground is sand and a camp pad.  Went for walk on beach to loosen up.  The rock was totally exposed so explored the sea cave.  Lots of crawly things, and a couple of…

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Props, Jets and Missiles in Oregon Day 21

I awoke about 90 minutes before the museum opened, and decided to drive about 10 minutes to find a Starbucks.  I didn’t know if I could make it waiting until the place opened to find a bathroom.  Wound up spending almost 2 hours catching up online and posting to this blog.  I’m increasingly surprised at…

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Waterfall, Really Good Beer and the Goonies House Day 22

Woke up, ate some fruit.  The Dutch couple were getting ready for a beach hike.  I wished them well on their travel south.  The mechanic was cooking up some eggs and bacon.  Smelled good.  I gotta get those eggs today. There was another old RV parked last night to my left, but I never saw…

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In and Around Portland Day 19

I arrived last night around 8:30 PM after pushing hard to get to Portland.  I arrived just before dusk, and the city sparkled, as if it was expecting me.  Steve and I stayed up into the early morning.  We chatted about the business, my trip, his reinvention of himself into an attorney, family and people…

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