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What Does the Facebook Acquisition of Beat Saber Mean?

Bob, Forbes columnist Charlie Fink and HP’s head of VR Joanna Popper at IAAPA At the IAAPA show in Orlando last month, one of the breakout hits of the show was Beat Saber by VRsenal. They sold more than 50 units during the 4-days of the show to arcades from around the world. (If you…

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Could VRsenal’s Beat Saber be the most profitable VR attraction yet?

Attended VR, the 4-minute mile, and the 2-hour marathon One of the biggest challenges operators have with virtual reality is the staffing requirement.  Most VR systems require at least one attendant. Attendants provide several key functions. They help players, most of whom are not familiar with virtual reality (yet), put on the headset and use…

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Zombie Go-Go Girls

Greetings from Russia. I had a fantastic experience this week that highlights the possibility of VR storytelling. I was playing a new zombie game from Anvio VR in Moscow. You have to fight your way through an office building, going from floor to floor in an elevator. In one of the levels, you have to…

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At Oculus Connect 6 this month, Facebook announced that they are building The Matrix. Now they didn’t call it The Matrix, because that would be shitty marketing.  They are calling it Live Maps; how’s that for innocuous? How could Live Maps be bad? We love maps. They’re amazing. And if they were Live, that would…

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15 Top Insights from Brent Bushnell and Two Bit Circus

As you probably know, I have a webinar series called Deep Dives, where I interview leading voices in the location-based VR industry. Last week, I had the sincere pleasure of interviewing Brent Bushnell, co-founder and CEO of Two Bit Circus. Brent is the son of arcade legend Nolan Bushnell, who founded both Atari and Chuck…

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IAAPA Paris Review Part 2

Last week in part one of the IAAPA Paris VR review, I covered Spree Interactive’s kid-friendly free roam system, the latest from Hologate, motion simulation attractions from Modimage, the amazing Toyland from Illucity and Backlight, and the new Dojo from Altereyes. This week I will try to cover the best of the rest. The biggest…

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Virtual Reality Takes over IAAPA Paris

I travel the world constantly, uncovering, discovering and reviewing what’s happening in the world known as location-based virtual reality (LBVR) so I can deliver the most relevant insights to you.  Since 2016 I have flown almost a million miles covering conferences, meeting with emerging startups, and talking to the leading minds in virtual reality.  That’s…

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What problem are you solving?

Every successful product solves a problem. This is one of the few truths in marketing. If your product doesn’t solve a problem, it will never take off. If you’re resistant to this idea, please read on. As one of the leading mentors for startups in the virtual reality market, I hear from dozens of companies…

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LBVR is Approaching the Tipping Point

I just spent a week in Chicago with the insiders and influencers of the amusement industry. Every year the American Amusement Machine Association (AAMA) gathers to hold their committee and board meetings. Manufacturers preview new products coming to market for distributors. And everyone collaborates to help raise money for the AAMA charitable foundation. This year,…

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VR Addiction Post 3

Oculus, one of the two largest virtual reality platforms, is owned and controlled by the largest social media company on the planet, Facebook.  In my last two blogs, I write about how social media addiction is a growing problem, driven by society’s desire for distraction. VR has been proven to be a distraction that is…

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