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Ep 10: Bob Cooney’s Virtual Reality Deep Dive – Jan Goetgeluk

This week Bob hosts Jan Goetgeluk, founder and CEO of Virtuix Omni, maker of the Omni VR treadmill and new Omniverse VR ARENA esports attraction. The first VR ARENA just launched and earned more than $10,000 in the first 10 days. Jan has more experience than anyone running VR esports tournaments and he’s going to…

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Ep 9: Bob Cooney’s Virtual Reality Deep Dive – Amusement Expo Preview

In this deep dive webinar, Bob actually skimmed the surface of what’s coming up at the VR Summit at Amusement Expo International in Las Vegas, March 26-28 2019. Joining Bob live was Jan Goetgeluk from Virtuix, talking about the initial week’s results from their first installation of the new VR Arena, Phil Martin from Zero…

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EP 4: Bob Cooney’s Virtual Reality Deep Dive: Minority Media

Don’t forget subscribe above and also to sign up for the live webinar series and be part of the live audience and get your questions answered directly HERE. In this episode Bob goes deep into game design for replayability with Michael Zaidan and Sylvain Croteau from Minority Media, an indie game studio from Montreal with…

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EP 3: Bob Cooney’s Virtual Reality Deep Dive – The Holodeck

On this webinar, Bob Cooney talks to Johnny and Barbara from Holodeck VR. They reviewed how RF-based Hybrid tracking has the potential to improve the inside out tracking now being hyped on new headsets like Oculus Quest, Vive Focus and Windows MR. Bob also talked to Barbara about their unique approach to content . Where…

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EP 2: Bob Cooney’s Virtual Reality Deep Dive – Charlie Fink from Forbes

In this episode, Bob and Charlie discuss everything VR and AR live from CES 2019. We demo the augmented reality animations from his book. Charlie Fink’s Metaverse, and then talk about: The Void Experience and Business Model Why your retail lease is your biggest challenge Why theaters might be the worst place for LBVR, and…

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EP 1: Bob Cooney’s Virtual Reality Deep Dive – Special Guest Kevin Williams

In this first episode of VR Deep Dive, Bob interviews leading immersive media consultant and former Disney Imagineer Kevin Williams about what to expect in virtual reality in 2019. They cover topics including emerging technology standards around free-roam and 4-player systems, e-sports, and tracking technologies. The power of VR is in its ability to deeply…

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