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Samurai Swords, Alpacas and (Finally) Tofino!

Dan had introduced me via email to a couple of his friends that inhabited Vancouver island.  One of them was a blacksmith who Dan insisted was one of the coolest dudes he knew, and his sense was that we would get along great.  A few emails and text messages with instructions flew, and I pulled up…

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On to Canada and Hello New Friends!

Before I get to this episode, I want to thank all the new friends from around the world who have signed up on my blog.  This last week has been amazing, and I cant wait to share my story with you. Youve all inspired me to take on greater adventures in the future.  I cant…

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My Second Post at The Inertia

I received a lot of comments from my, many tied to the headline This Guy Turned 51, Quit His $250k Job, and Hit the Road in His 1977 VW Westfalia,  While the vast majority of people were inspired and encouraging, there were many comments along the lines of If I was rich I could quit…

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Stoked to Now Be Writing for The Inertia

I am super stoked to announce that I will be contributing to The Inertia website. The Inertia is the new voice of the ocean, mountain, and outdoors – featuring news, opinions, photography, videos and art from the community’s most talented individuals. Founded in 2010, The Inertia reaches 1.5 million+ readers monthly and aims to make sustainable impacts…

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