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Props, Jets and Missiles in Oregon Day 21

I awoke about 90 minutes before the museum opened, and decided to drive about 10 minutes to find a Starbucks.  I didn’t know if I could make it waiting until the place opened to find a bathroom.  Wound up spending almost 2 hours catching up online and posting to this blog.  I’m increasingly surprised at…

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Waterfall, Really Good Beer and the Goonies House Day 22

Woke up, ate some fruit.  The Dutch couple were getting ready for a beach hike.  I wished them well on their travel south.  The mechanic was cooking up some eggs and bacon.  Smelled good.  I gotta get those eggs today. There was another old RV parked last night to my left, but I never saw…

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In and Around Portland Day 19

I arrived last night around 8:30 PM after pushing hard to get to Portland.  I arrived just before dusk, and the city sparkled, as if it was expecting me.  Steve and I stayed up into the early morning.  We chatted about the business, my trip, his reinvention of himself into an attorney, family and people…

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Portland to the Willamette Valley Day 20

Day 20, Monday had me off to the Apple Store to try to get a replacement for my iPhone, which had not gotten a cell phone signal since I entered the Lost Coast almost a week ago.  I had an appointment at 11:00.  They saw me promptly, and after a lecture from a twenty-something year…

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Roadside Dinosaurs and Sand Surfing

I headed north on PCH, and it felt really good to be on asphalt. PCH rejoined US 101 and it was like being on a superhighway. I finally reached Oregon. A herd of elk were trying to cross the road. A few miles in I saw a sign for a tourist trap promoting giant concrete…

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Lots of Lighthouses and Finally Some Surf Day 18

I spent the entire day 18 looking for surf.  I was determined to get wet today, but the wind was not cooperating.  It was blowing steady out of the southwest, and everything here was beach breaks.  It was bad. The drive out to this jetty was a long dead end down a 9 mile peninsula.…

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Emerging from the Lost Coast Day 16

I awoke early, before sunrise.  Stepped outside and gazed upward.  The sky was brimming with stars.  Counting the stars in this sky would be like counting the drops of water in the Pacific. Living in coastal Southern California, you have a tendency to forget about stars in the sky. Between the light pollution and the…

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Day 10 Pacifica to Sonoma

Another surf check, another day of onshore southwest wind and small waves.  LindaMar looked fun, but there were 100 people out and if I wanted to surf 2-3 foot waves with that many people I could have stayed home at San Onofre. I decided to take advantage of the light and the small swell to…

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Day 8 Ocean Beach and Great White Sharks

Up early for a surf check today.  Wanted to surf Ocean Beach.  OB is my nemesis.  It scares the shit out of me.  It can be one of the heaviest spots on the west coast.  Its known for brutal paddle outs, strong currents, great white sharks, and giant double-overhead barrels.  For the most part, its…

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