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Always staying on the bleeding edge of technology and able to predict both tech and business trends, Bob Cooney is a leading expert on location-based virtual reality, with over 30 years in the industry. He is recognized for bringing high tech out-of-home entertainment to consumers, operators, and venues and is a frequent contributor to RePlay, a monthly magazine for the coin-op amusement game business. He successfully launched one of the world’s first laser tag company called Laser Storm in 1990 and the first commercially successful VR arcade game,  Beachhead 2000. Cooney is excited about this third wave of VR and its potential for the commercial amusement space and consults on strategy and business development for VR manufacturers and operators, including the award-winning Zero Latency, the global leader and pioneer in free-roam multi-player VR, with warehouse-scale game arenas on four continents, and Hologate, the first affordable multi-player VR attraction. He also runs an online mentoring group for VR Arcade operators.  
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Designing VR Casino Experiences for Millennials
May 15, 2018 - Las Vegas


Designing VR Casino Experiences for Millennials

Cost: $395 – Register Now! Learn how to design innovative VR experiences that will attract and retain a Millennial audience.  Want to attract Millennials and deliver experiences they will love and share with their friends? Virtual Reality might be part of the answer, but if you don’t take the right approach you will spend years of trial and error hoping to find the solution.    Learn how to build a sustainable competitive advantage over other casinos that are hoping manufacturers will solve the problem for them Discover why testing random, new technologies based upon manufacturer recommendations wastes money and time,…

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Future of Immersive Leisure 2018 – FOIL

Alternative Content and Strategies for VR and MR Arcades Day 1 – Wednesday, May 16th, 2018 The VR and MR arcade experience is expanding with the introduction of more diverse content and new business models.  This session will examine key new opportunities for non-game content in arcades, the effectiveness of membership/subscription models for VR and MR arcades, internal content development in arcades, and the use of VR arcades as incubators for new VR and MR experiences. Moderator – Bob Cooney

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  • The Future of Immersive Leisure (FOIL)

    Arena Scale VR - Successor to Laser Tag?
    (Las Vegas, NV) - Sept 13-14, 2017

  • VRCade Conference

    The VR Arcade Learnings and Best Practices
    (San Jose, CA) - 2017

  • AAMA Summer Meeting

    Millennials at Location-based Entertainment Centers
    (Chicago, IL) - 2016

  • Nightclub and Bar Show

    Maximizing Revenue Through Strategic Use of Technology

  • SF Music Tech

    Check in and Play: Location Based Music and Local Targeting - Panel Moderator

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