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Bob Cooney

Location-Based Entertainment & Amusement Thought Leader, Speaker, Writer, Mentor

With nearly 30 years of industry experience - always staying on the bleeding edge of innovation - I ably predict both tech and business trends. This gives my clients the unfair advantage of knowing where the market is going and getting there before their competition figures it out. I can connect dots that many technologists just can't see because I view technology trends through the lens of an experienced marketer. I helped to launch Zero Latency VR and Hologate, two of the most successful LBVR companies in the world - I can help you too! Read more

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He listens and gets you to listen to yourself, he coaches, mentors, guides, and inspires. Integrity, authenticity, relentless curiosity, sensibleness, charisma, daring zestfulness, and benevolence: these are his primary character ingredients. He is a powerfully positive influence in my life. That guy is Bob Cooney.

Bill Thomas

Strategic Growth Advisor, Thomas & Company

Bob is a natural leader with tremendous charisma. He’s equally at home in the board room or in the break room with employees. A true marketeer, he’s both creative and strategic. His energy is infectious. As a manager, he acknowledges excellence and takes time to mentor while allowing autonomy.

Suzanne Maineri

Marketing & Brand Communications Consulting, Senturus, Inc

As a leader and motivator he knows how to pump up the troops and create a fun, productive workplace. In a whiteboard session he can both generate ideas and draw them out of others, a combination of talents not often found in the same person.

Eric Thomas

Founder & CEO, Live Colony

Bob is a resourceful, ‘think-outside-of-the box’ style leader who never backs down from achieving challenging goals. His enthusiastic, yet demanding, management style instills confidence in those around him and consequently motivates staff to work much harder than they normally would. His strategic vision and insight has consistently helped our product(s) evolve.

Micah Berek

Director of Hearfilm East

Rarely do you find as charismatic a leader as Bob Cooney. He strives to create the most innovative and exciting product available, all the while putting his team first and cultivating their talents. Bob is the kind of person that you feel lucky to have as a colleague and a mentor.

Ralph Miller

Creative Direction and Interactive Media, Ralfinoe LLC

Bob's mentoring and industry insight were instrumental in assisting me to quickly ramp up on Global VR's game platform, making me a more valuable resource to him and to Global VR.

Loni Reeder

Publicist / Writer - BMI / NARAS Member

He had the uncanny knack of being able to motivate a diverse team to produce quality work beyond what anyone inside or outside the team thought possible.

David Schmidt

Senior Product Manager – Creative Cloud, Adobe

My experience with Bob has been he is always creative, thinks outside the box and is solution oriented. He expertise is in the areas of marketing, sales, business development, and whatever area his primary focus and responsibilities are he shares his experience with others freely in support of their success as well. He is a strategic long range thinker, but is action plan oriented.

Drew Pawlak

VP Latin America, GM of Mexico, American Gaming Systems

Bob has a strong strategic and creative mind. He is a natural leader who engenders trust and confidence from his colleagues and subordinates. He manages by providing guidance but autonomy to get the job done. He extends himself personally, building relationships that bolster the quality of the work and the work environment. My working experience with Bob stands as a highlight in my career.

Ross Halleck

Vintner, Halleck Vineyard Winery

He consistently demonstrated vision while being mindful of the operational details required to turn those visions into reality.

David Schmidt

Senior Product Manager – Creative Cloud, Adobe

Bob is one of the most charismatic, dynamic and enthusiastic people I've ever been around in a workplace. His energy is contagious and his well-developed people-management skills are a wonder to behold.

Jon Rooney

Head of Product Marketing at Splunk

He has in abundance rare attributes that make him an exceptional leader, boss and marketer - unparalleled energy, innate ability to positively influence people & enormous creativity.

Andre Lawless

Marketing Director, Lawless One Marketing

Bob is an absolutely fantastic natural leader - that's a truly rare and valuable trait - one that can't really be taught or learned. In addition, Bob's a true professional, immensely qualified, and great to work with.

Elliot Blanchard

Owner, Invisible Light Network

Bob is an excellent problem solver. Bob has the ability to strategically evaluate any situation and map out a comprehensive plan for resolution. Bob is capable of managing details and viewing the big picture while having the courage to drive towards success in the face of obstacles.

Steven Kellam

President, CCI Global Channel Management

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